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About 7Skyee

Company Profile

7Skyee was founded in 2009 with the base office in Rajasthan, and incorporated in 2011. It has proved its strong presence among placement companies. With the trust of Many Big Corporate, 7Skyee worked for different positions for various locations (i.e Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Delhi etc) on PAN India. That helped us grow well in the market and gain phenomenal experience to work on Executive to CEO positions.

On the other hand, 7Skyee nowadays helping other startups to grow well and helping them to find a best match by our expert counseling. In 10 years of duration we have proved ourselves in corporate world and moving rapidly towards all metros of India. For the job seekers, we are continuously helping to make them understand the right profile and selecting career oriented Job. Lack of knowledge and experience is the reason that they mistakenly miss the right time and chance. We give them free career counseling for that purpose.

Business Strategies

Our Mission

We seek to meet the expectation of society by creating NEW VALUE, and to realize a world of plenty in which each individual can shine.

Our Vision

We want to realize a vibrant, shining society in which each Individual can choose their own lifestyle. A society where you can "Follow Your Heart" A society filled with Opportunities for people of all generations in all regions to dream bigger. A society in which people can directly determine the course of their own lives. A sustainable society of plenty in which it is possible to start over again and again. In order to realize such a society we want to take on a greater role and meet growing expectations, to believe in the potential of each Individual, and to offer new opportunities. We want to help You to "Meet Your Opportunity".

Brand Value

7Skyee is the people’s company. It is our motto from the beginning of the company to give advantage to everyone by giving our precious time. We can’t commit to all job seekers to do the needful but yes we can motivate them for their coming opportunities. Rest gets the best match from our continuous trials. Job Seekers are very precious to us as they want helping hand for their career that’s why we are here for. It’s our commitment to the society to serve them best, whether they belong to employer class or employee class.

Our Logo

Logo is the main identity of our company. There’s no. 7 inside the sky icon, which shows our work and company having the best quality of work. As we all know 7th sky of all skies is known as the best sky which refers very good place. Blue is the color which we have used in our logo and it is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven so does our work also. White color is another color we have used which shows purity and successful beginning.

Integrity: Our work shows the highest quality of integrity because we can't compromise with ethics.

Customer Centricity: It's our prime target to think precise of every customer; their trust can lead us to the way of success and a strong business bond may take place.

Innovative: We always try to find innovative ways to serve our best to the client and can make the positive difference.

People's company: Always choose better for the candidates. It does not matter they are new to the field, our guidance and their cooperation can make mutual benefit.

Team Work: We work as team and share knowledge for continuous improvement, learning and innovation. We always take that extra step to help teams succeed. We always take pride in recognizing and enjoying the success of others.

Passion for Excellence: We are committed to complete the task with accuracy. Our excellent work makes us different from the crowd.

Free counseling: We are always ready to give proper and free advice to the job seekers as well our clients. It's our duty to guide them best about what they want and what's best for them.