Now a days finding job is quite different from earlier days. Now you just not need to write your biodata or approach someone to reach you at a suitable position,rather you need to showcase yourself in a most appealing manner. For that there are many important steps which you must need to follow.

Writing complete CV

In Cv writing there are many important points which make a CV complete and impressive, still often skipped by jobseekers. Like…

1 - Giving proper personal details
  • Name
  • Address
  • DOB
  • Telphone
  • E-mail
  • Professional passport size photo

While writing CV, your personal details are very important and cover the topmost place of your CV so it should be in proper font n size. Name should be bold enough to attract the HR at once. Above mentioned points are mandatory in your personal details if you want more you can add your marital status, Nationality, Place of birth, No. of children etc. It’s all depends on you that how much you want to showcase yourself and what’s mandatory on specific profile.

2 - Full detail of work experience
  • First Job
  • Current Job
  • Name of Organization
  • City and state name
  • Telphone
  • Position
  • All exact duration

This section of your CV will make HR manager clear that you deserve the post or not. So it’s your duty to put the things in correct order and in appealing manner. After giving details of above points you also need to mention only your paid jobs here, not that you worked for charity or volunteer. If you feel it will be better to tell about your unpaid works also then put it in other work experience. You also need to edit your CV time to time; it should target the job you are going to apply. You just need to rearrange the order of your work experience by putting the exact or near post above and rest below. You should avoid mentioning long gap of your work experience. Rest, keep proper formatting n font to make it impressive.

3 - Adding your skills
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Work
  • Technical Skills
  • Motivation
  • Reliable

Your skills need to be transferrable so that you can easily reorder your skills according to your job you applying for. Skills like confidence, communication, and team work are most required in all jobs so give it a proper place in your CV. First go through the job description properly and see what skills the recruiter is looking for then put your best match skills in your CV and it would be more impressive if you prove your skills through your past work experience.

4 - Hobbies, which shows you active

In CV writing, hobbies and interest are quite optional section but taking it lightly may be dangerous for you. It is quite important to understand the nature of applied job and then manipulate your hobby according to the requirement. Those days gone when reading, writing, playing, listening to song was taking the place of hobbies section, now you need to put your hobbies in an impressive way. It’s fine that you like listening songs but it will be impressive if you mark it with some message that you like someone’s song because of his life’s message and inspiration to live better or you find the source of motivation through his songs. In short interest section should make you stand different and unique from others and should strictly avoid copying.

5 - Proofreading

Before submitting your CV just keep in mind that your first impression is going to be last impression so take the help of proofreading. Read your written CV again and again and it would be better if you read it loudly so the mistakes can come out easily. It will be also helpful if you read your CV in-between your friends or your elders, this way if you are skipping the mistake they can catch it. Your CV is your invitation to the interview so make it flawless. Pour all information; check grammar parts, font, formatting etc to ensure your interview invitation.